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Pipe Fabrication Welding Machines Widos ASM 160
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Specification of Pipe Fabrication Welding Machines Widos ASM 160

The WIDOS ASM 160 is especially designed for the heating element saddle welding of reduced branches from OD 75 up to OD 160 without diameter limitation of the main pipe. Based on the fully approved WIDOS Maxiplast with fine scale for the actual forces during heating and welding procedure this machine is just equipped with one clamping tool as well as a solid prismatic support and will be fixed on the main pipe by means of high load belts. In order to drill out the main pipe on a centric position to the welding spot before branch welding, an electrically driven tool with adjustable cutting legs can be clamped into the basic machine. Because of this design each required drilling diameter can be adjusted continuously but easy, precise and quick between ID 60 up to ID 160. In order to process different combinations of branch and main pipe by means of saddle welding, a flexible heater is available which adapts to the existing welding shape automatically without the need of additional specific convex-concave shaped saddle pieces. This heater is temperature controlled electronically and permanently covered in the welding area with a high quality and long-life anti-stick foil.

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