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Pipe Fabrication Welding Machines Widos RS
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Specification of Pipe Fabrication Welding Machines Widos RS

The WIDOS RS 630 is a sawing installation for the cutting of plastic pipes up to OD 630. The pipe supports with 1.8 m length have an extremely solid design so that even heaviest pieces can be clamped safely and displaced on the exchangeable sliding coatings with minimal expenditure of force. Extensions for the pipe supports are available as option. The pipes are clamped by means of clamping belt which covers the complete diameter range. An initial adjusting to the pipe dimensions is not necessary. When using an optional transverse support in connection with an integrated turning of the band and a digital display and locking of the position, a negative radial cuts for the fabrication of reduced branches at T- and Y- pieces can be easily performed. Due to the solid base of the complete machine, assembling work on site is unnecessary, only the horizontal adjustment by means of leveling feet has to be carried out. The solid saw arm of the WIDOS RS 630 can be driven on precise linear guidings by means of a motorized travel. The additional digital band position indicator shows the exact location of the saw blade. Please note that this option can not be retrofitted.

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